Thursday, September 22, 2011

A little about me.

Hello, I am new to this writing stuff and having a blog.
Thought I would start out by telling you just a little about myself.
I was born in Virginia and have lived here all my life.
I am in my early 50s, am a mom who has grown children and a grandma.
I meet a with a wonder man 25 years ago who I love more each day.
We live in the beautiful mountains of  the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia  
I have a dog and a small flock of chickens.
I am hoping to go back to living some of the ways I remember growing up as a kid.
Off what we can grow and raise on our land.
I hope as I get more comfortable with writing this blog, it will get easier for me to put all that goes on in my head down here to share.

  I will be adding little more about me as time goes and please stop in again when you can. 

 I have been learning to can a lot of the foods we have been growing the past 3 years now. Some of it has been hard work and some of it was fun, It brought back great memories of spending times helping my mom & aunt Betty can what we had picked from the garden that day and the great jam's & jellies we made from wild berries we would go pick.  I find my time canning is becoming a joy and I can fill the love they had for us and I have for them.

It is after 4:30 am I could not sleep and thought I tell you a little bit of why. I have something called Tinnitus in both my ears and sometime it will get very loud and keep me up once in awhile. Mine is the ring type and I have had it as long as I can remember. It has messed with my contraction so it take me time to do things and to write. That is other part of why I started this blog hoping to help me focus & concentrate.


  1. Hello, Charlotte! Good to see you posting on your very own blog :) I look forward to reading more! Love you.

  2. Hi Penny & Thank you, I still have so much to lean about having my own blog. I hope my friends will enjoy it as I learn. love you lots.

  3. Well, I'll try this again! Google won't let me post a comment!

    Charlotte!! I LOVE your blog!! The pics are bee-U-ti-ful!!!

  4. Yay!!! I am gonna love reading this Charlotte! Good job! :-)


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