Saturday, January 28, 2012

Something old new again, part 2

These are just few more of the cross stitching I have done and still had that I found. I still have to get them flatten out and cleaned up.  Then I am thinking they are going to look great hanging in our spare bedroom.

Done this 1 for my mom, she loved hummingbirds

This is 1 of the very first I done learning.
 I am working on  a new project now along with finishing up the blue afghan.  And I am pretty shore it will be months before I can post any thing on them.
Brown afghan done and sitting on my office chair
 Got the brown afghan done in time to give to a friend the day she got home from being away for 2 weeks in New York for work.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Grandma

When my great grandma past my mom ask what I want that was hers. I wanted to share the gift that I ask for and I have from my grandma.  All I had ask for was 1 of her aprons. As long as I can remember she always had 1 on unless she was going to church on Sunday. I was greatly surprised when my mom brought me back a apron and 2 of her cook books & the little glass bottle I remember playing with as a a very little kid when we visited her. I know the treasures in the bottle meant a lot to my grandma. If I remember right the pieces are from our family members and her friends.  My mom gave me the gifts she knew I would treasure always and would mean the most to me. Grandma's aprons were all homemade, my mom said my grandma Brown made great grandma's last aprons for her. So the gift of this apron means even more. It is from both my grandma's.
My uncle JC, my great grandma and grandma B.

This was the apron I received.

The little jar I loved to play with.

The treasures that are in the jar.

Great grandma's recipe for cornbread. Yummy !

Her cookbooks I got.

Inside cover of the cook books.

  I hope to past these cookbooks on to my granddaughter one day and hope she will treasure them as much as I do.  My great grandparents have been gone a long time, but I still have great memories of them and fill very bless-est to have got to spend time with them.                                                                 

Friday, January 20, 2012

2010 Christmas Chickens

These 2 girls were born Christmas day 2010, and their names are Lucky & Sweetie. They will get to live out their lives here until they past of old age because they were born Christmas.Sorry the photos are not the best but these girl just stand still very long.
This is Lucky

This is Sweetie

These 2 girls almost always stick together when they are out.
This is them at 10 days old with mom & their brothers.
This was Lucky an hour after I found and got her warmed up.
      She had gotten pushed out the nest, but a couple hours on a heating pad she was alright and was put back under mom. That is how she got her name Lucky,  There was a couple inches of snow on the ground when she was hatched and I found her before she froze. Sweetie got her name from a sweet friend in Germany when I was asking friends who would like to give my Christmas chickens names.  I am sorry to say that the 3 roosters had to go, I already had a rooster who was a sweet gift from my friend Penny. He was a real sweet heart.    So my step-son took care of them because I just couldn't do them. I spent way to much time with them. I really hate it when I get more rooster then hens when I let the hens hatch out a few eggs. 
That is part of having chickens, you got to take a few roo's to get a few hens.
Happy Chicken keeping my friends.                                     

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something old new again

Now that my life is slowing down again some, I am finding time to get back to some things I loved to do. Crocheting & cross stitching which I haven't done in almost 8 or 9 years. For a few years I was helping my mom out and then we found out she had cancer. And I was trying to take care of her, work and set up a new house we had just moved into. Life was just nuts then and I didn't have time for the little things. And when my mom pasted Feb. 2008 I just couldn't think of me I wanted to be there for my sister.  We all still miss mom very much, but I know she and my 2 children are watching over our family as angels.
A little over a week ago I wanted to start crocheting again, so I got a a little bit of yard and then I took me a couple hours working with the yarn to get started, it had been too long but once I remembered the stitch my grandma taught me I was on a roll and ran out of yarn in a couple days and had to get more. And these are what I have started so far. They have a ways to go before they are big enough to cover up in. But it is a good start.  I ran out of yarn again. lol       

 These are being done in Peaches & Creams yarns. The top 1 is in Blue Denim &  Faded blue denim  and the next is in Good earth.  I fell in love with the colors.

And then today while cleaning out a closet, I hit the jack pot. I found all my cross stitching supplies I forgot all about and I had 2 full boxes.  I am a very happy person right now. I ran out of yarn for now. But still have a craft I can do and still love doing.Just takes me a little longer to do now that my eyes are not so good.  Also found some of the ones I have done and thought I would share a few here today. And then over time I will share the others with you. The first ones I am sharing are the first ones I think I ever done. Hope you enjoy them.
The 2 boxes of goodies I found and I can get started with again.
Made this one playing around, it was 1 of a set I made for my mom.

                                                                                                                                         I think I found about a dozen or so of ones I still had. I love finding hidden treasures I forgot I had.  It made my day.  I hope you find a great hidden treasure today too.  I think this has been the start of a great week for me, last week wasn't so hot.  Blessing to you all and love.                                               

Friday, January 6, 2012

Our pup turns 10 this year

I rescued our boy March 2002 from our local dog pound. My sister in law called saying she had seen a pup she thought would be good for us. So a friend & I went out to see him. He was a scared tiny little thing under weight, cold and all by himself. As soon a I picked him up and he fell sound to sleep in my arms,I knew he was coming home with me. I call my honey and told him I got us a pup and was on my way back with him And would be there as soon as I picked up a couple things.  Like a collar, leach, puppy food and 2 bowls 1 for water 1 for food. And I knew soon as I got back and he seen and held him, he was going to be hooked too and was in less then a day. He was the sleepiest pup I have ever seen. So next day I called our vet we had used before when we had a dog And she got us in that morning to check him out.  All she could really find wrong was he was way under weight and small. And we though he mite be a Lab mix and could get up to 60 or 70 lbs, which is about the size dog we wanted to find. Well he played a fast one on us all he is just now hitting almost 42 lbs.
1 1/2 months after come home with us.
2 months at home

Oh my favorite toy
But he is a sweet boy and loves every one he meets and he even likes his Vet and going to see her.  He loves riding in the car to work with us everyday and the ride to see our friends and when we get onto the road they live on. He knows were we are going and starts to cry and we can't seem to get there fast enough for him to say Hi to them and let them know he has miss visiting their homestead. It was a nice surprise that he seem to learn things so fast, he was house broke in less then 2 weeks and then after that sit, shake a paw and a few others. And he is the best box shredder I could ask for. :-)   I love that when I am sick he will get on the sofa and stay with me all day long curled up sleeping under the covers.  He likes his covers.                                                 
I like my blanket
I would like to ride before I will get off please
I listen when I am at work
Oh I get to open my own Christmas gift
Oh dad let me take care of that for you.
 I can be good riding in the car

Can I go play yet

I like to watch were we are going
Hope you have enjoyed learn a little about our Bob'O" and seeing some of his photos.    He will be 10 years old the 12th of this month.  Happy Birthday  !!                                                                

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chickens, Friends & a few goodbyes.

I thought long and hard about it and decided I wasn't going to hatch chicks this year. And yesterday I said goodbye to 6 Phoenix hens 3 of them belonged to my friend Penny, who was so sweet in hatching out chicks for me with her 3 sweet girls and loaning me those girls to take care and raise the chicks.  I also gave her my other 3 phoenix hens that had hatched out this spring. She is getting new chicks to add to her flock soon and these hens make and are great mamas. So she will be needing broody hens and these girls are great broodies. I was sad and glad at the same time. Knowing the girls were going home with Penny was very heart warming because she is a great chicken mama to her flock. I will miss those girls talking and running up to me to see what I am doing or have for them when I am in the yard. And so after we had a nice visit with Penny and Bernie they gave us some scrapple and we gave them some sausage, they had to headed home.  She posted this to me on FB when they got home.  (( The girls made it home just fine. Did you teach them to sing? I swear they were harmonizing to Alan Jackson on the radio........ Ha! --   I posted back to her this... I think they love listening to T. when he played the radio in the garage on our days off work... ))    This morning I so missed those 6 girls when I went out to feed and water the 16 hens and 2 roosters I still have. It just seem a little to quiet after all the noise the girls make first thing in the morning when they get their scratch. But the roosters were letting me know they missed those girls too, by the talk they gave me. lol  But I think in time now that all my chickens are in 1 coop and not 2 they will settle down and the boys have new girls to make relationships with they will soon all be happy again. I know the girls that got moved are enjoy a much bigger coop and more nest boxes to choose from I got 6 eggs before I came to work today. :-)  And if by chance I decide I want chicks I still have 2 Phoenix mix hens and if they are like their mama was I still may have a broody hen come spring.  I so love having chickens, they help keep me sane but can drive me nuts at times too. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good bye 2011 Hello 2012

As I sit here and think about the year 2011 and all that has gone by in it some bad some good. I know we all have to take the bad with the good, That is how we learn to live life.  I also don't think about what's got done and what didn't those things don't really matter it seems. What does is the great gifts God has given us. Family, Friends, Love, a roof over our heads, food on the table. And the beauty in all the everyday things I see as I look around me.
Being able to sit out in the yard and see the mountains, clouds over head, watching the chickens doing their thing, putting in a garden and seeing it grow and then harvesting it, to eat, for canning or share with others. Waving at a neighbor as they drive by or even better yet if they stop for a chat, it can make your day. I think more of all that we are given each and everyday we wake up. That we have been given another day to enjoy all that we love & matter to us, our family, good friends, home and our critters.
Being able to give someone a hug, a kind word, a smile or just a ear to talk to, saying a prayer for someone who ask for it,can mean so much.
 I hope this new year bring as much love & joy this past year has.