Monday, October 31, 2011

Here a few photos of the last few days when a snow storm took out the power and a tree branch took out the Internet. We did just fine with the help of a generator and some drop cords run to 2 heats, our 2 freezers and when needed for cooking with a griddle and my rice cooker.The chickens wouldn't come out the coop until Sunday evening, but the girls did their part and gave us lots of eggs to keep us feed too along with all the green beans I had on hand that I picked Friday morning and what was left got blanched and are in the freezer until we need them all 18 lbs of them. And the clean up of 2 trees started at 7:30 am Monday morning. I think I will be glad to go back to work tomorrow I could use the rest.

This last photo is of the last tree that has to be trimmed back and it is also the biggest of all our maples, and the only 1 to lose 1 small branch.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who ordered this white stuff.

                  It was only raining when I went to bed. And I got up to all this stuff. 
                         It is way to soon for this stuff to be falling for me.
The path out to take care of my chickens

our poor barn who needs a new roof

Under all that snow is 2 big piles of chips from our trees that were getting trimmed

my persimmon tree

I don't think the garden is liking this and it done for the year.

Branches going down.

This tree is on the to trim list but couldn't wait.
It done some of its own pruning with the help of the snow.

T. seeing why the Internet was down.

We think this one took out the Internet when it came down.

Road on our way to work

Almost to work
It has took out our power & a tree branch took out the Internet line.  I am at work posting this, because it will be a few days before we get our Internet back up. So I will not be on line for a few days.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Green beans, Kale greens and Maple trees

It has been a very busy week at home.  I have been trying to pick as much as I can from the fall garden. Also I have been trying to dehydrate kale greens & green bean for soups & long term storage.  There was so many green beans I have been putting them into the freezer.  And Friday our tree man came to get started on our maple trees. He got 4 of them done. We don't think the trees have ever been trimmed before we moved here. But he said they weren't as bad as some he has seen and done. The other 3 in our front yard will have to wait just a bit longer for right now. We have a snow storm on the way in and they ran out of day light to do the last 3 trees. I think it has been a good week. Now if the snow would just miss us, It would be a super week.

Dried green beans

Green beans ready for the freezer

A tray of dried kale

Crushed dried kale for soup

2 more 5 gal. buckets of green beans
 Josh is up there some were in that tree.

The ground crew Joey & Stevie

First tree getting it's trim

I think I want 1 of those chippers.

I think I can see him now.

They did a great job on the trees !!

 This 1 looks so much better now too.

      I can't wait to see all the chips from the trees, I will have to use this spring.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taking a day off.

I have been sick with a cold for almost a week & shut up inside. So as the day warmed up outside I just couldn't stand being inside. So today turned into a sit in all the great sunshine & enjoy a day chilling out watch the chickens free range. I so enjoyed this day relaxing.


Then laster this evening I did go dig the onions up.  

 It has been one of the best days I have has just chilling.  Tomorrow we have a friend coming mid-morning to trim our maple trees and I am hoping to get a few photos of that. Plus I will be picking more green beans.