Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lifes Ups Downs

Thought it was time I did a update.
So much has happen sense my last post.
I haven't been up to posting or getting on to Facebook much lately.
T's son & his wife just gave us a new grand-daughter on Sept. 26 and her name is Raven.
So that makes 4 grand- sons and 5 grand- daughters for us now.
 The son that just had the baby has been in and out the hospital with pneumonia. He said he seems to be doing better now.

Then my son lost his real dad on Oct 13 and has had a hard time with it. 
His dad didn't leave a Will that they could find or know of.
 So he is trying to take care of everything now for his 1/2 sisters and himself. 

Things are ok on the farm but our regaler work hasn't been doing very well.
So I haven't been able to decide if I'm up or down most days.

I've also had to start sending some of my chickens to freezer camp. 
 I can't afford to feed them all now that money is so tight for us, and prices for feed have got up so much more.
I really hate butchering day, I end up with a very down afterwards.
But know it has to be done, and that later they will be a few meals to feed us.
Right now I'm doing the roosters and 5 very mean hens who are just crazy.
 I have 2 hens that will be here until they are gone from old age. 
Lucky & Sunny are good brood hens and once they go broody for a week or 2,
 I can put new chicks under them come spring time and they will raise them.
They are so sweet and my special girls.

 Well I guess this is it for my update. 
Thank you for stopping in for a little visit with us.