Monday, January 5, 2015

Granny Square Blankets and a New Year

First off Happy New Years to everyone !! 

It has been a long while since my last post .
 Life has been up and down a lot.
 Some days I ain't shore if I'm coming or going or already gone. lol
With trying to run our business and taking care of our home and the gardens.
It seem we never had enough time for much else. 
We lost of 5 family members and some good friends over the past year.
And my chicken family to hawks in the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014.
I've not felt much up to any thing but crocheting granny squares and putting blankets together. It has been what help me get threw so much, 
to help me heal from the hurt and missing love ones.
To put my Love for the ones I miss in to each stitch and blanket.
I am just now starting to get back on Facebook a little bit here and there after being off for a few months.

 I have sold some of my blankets, so I didn't get a photo of those before they were gone. That is what happen when I take 1 to work with me. It got sold as it got done. Which is a good thing because I always need more yarn. 

This is the baby girl blanket for my great-niece I started this past week.
                               I hope all is well in my Blogger friends world.
                             And I will try and post more often and take care.

Monday, June 17, 2013

May & June 2013

 Have been really busy the past couple months.
We had grass to start mowing and a garden to till and plant.
And trying to get it done between rains,
 On our 2 days off from work didn't always work out very well. 
Plus I was a little down in May missing my Mom & grandmother.
So I told them Happy Birthday in Heaven on their B-Day and then on mine.
I love being born in their birth month. 

Our garden isn't doing so good this year with all the rain.
And we have a critter having snacks on few things,
 my lime a beans, onions and corn.
Not shore if it is the crows, rabbits or deer or maybe even a few chipmunks.
I have been replanting a few things that have been ate down to the ground.
It is hard growing a garden when you work and have only a hour each morning to care for it and then 1/2 days on your day off. 

I try to do the house work at night to keep up with it, but some times there just don't seem to be enough hours in a day to get it done.

Thought I'd post some of the photos I've took to share with you my friends.

Our pond after a few days rain

Our barn and chicken coop reflection in the pond water

Shenandoah river flooded

Second week of rain, no  drypond for now. lol

Mothers day gift for T's Mom, we did up her front porch.

Start of the garden

Trying a few thing in pots this year

First bell pepper of the year

My Roo, Dum Dum


The garden so far

A blanket I did.

Birthday gift

Another B-day  gift, a Chinese Dogwood
 Also got a nice bottle of wine & a Galaxy Tab 2 for my B-day.
So there has been lots to keep busy with.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

                   I like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day
 This year we decided to give gifts to each other that would last and not be gone in a few days.  This is what we got each other. He wanted  books & I wanted to try some crochet hooks to try. They all came yesterday.  We both spent under 15.00 to get our gifts for each other threw Amazon.

These are gifts we can and will be using over and over. 

A little update here on the new crochet hooks I got.
I am so loving the 2 I got and hope to get the whole set for my Birthday in May.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Relaxing for me this winter

I've been busy working on crocheting and learning some new stitches this year. After knowing only the 1 stitch for so long in doing my granny squares. 
I learn to do the Traditional granny square and the double stitch. 
I still am trying to find out what the stitch is I already know. 
So far I'm know it is a single and 2 double together in each stitch I do. 
So far I'm finding it harder to keep enough yarn on hand.
I am loving the Red Heart Super saver yarns I'm getting. 
I would have loved winning some of the contest I've been seeing for yarn,
 but they have all been for wool yarns.
I can't do wool yarns because they brake me out so bad.
Here is one of my done crocheting and a couple of things I've started. 

Wasn't shore about this when I started it.

This is it right after it was done.

It made a wonderful table cloth for my Mom's old table.

I fell in love with this yarns colors.

This is what I'm using it in a double stitch afghan.

This is the traditional granny square I started  yesterday at work.

Happy Crocheting to you !!