Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Made our own Metal Bed

 We decided it was time to replace our old bed. After looking around for over a year to find 1 we liked and that was affordable we came up empty handed. Until my man decided he could build 1 out of some of his scrap metal if he had enough tubing to start with. And after checking all his metal stock. He started making us a platform bed. To go with the new memory-foam mattress he ordered a few months back.

The start of the bed

Bed done

 It took a little longer to finish it because we lost power for 4 days the weekend he was to work on it
All done, it took the 2 of us to get it into the house and set into place in front of our old headboard.

And now the new mattress set into place to fill out were it was vacuum sealed.

Nice white sheets for a cool nights sleep.
  I am so loving our new bed that only cost us the scrap metal, time and the new mattress. And 2.00 for the black spray paint to paint the frame.


  1. I love it! And I bet it's quite comfy. BobO looks like he was getting ready to test-nap it :)

  2. Genius idea -- and no one would be the wiser. :)

  3. Thanks everyone. I am so loving our new bed and mattress. I am now sleeping better and fill like I am getting more rest.

  4. I love your bed! Probably much sturdier than anything you could have bought.


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