Thursday, January 10, 2013

Relaxing for me this winter

I've been busy working on crocheting and learning some new stitches this year. After knowing only the 1 stitch for so long in doing my granny squares. 
I learn to do the Traditional granny square and the double stitch. 
I still am trying to find out what the stitch is I already know. 
So far I'm know it is a single and 2 double together in each stitch I do. 
So far I'm finding it harder to keep enough yarn on hand.
I am loving the Red Heart Super saver yarns I'm getting. 
I would have loved winning some of the contest I've been seeing for yarn,
 but they have all been for wool yarns.
I can't do wool yarns because they brake me out so bad.
Here is one of my done crocheting and a couple of things I've started. 

Wasn't shore about this when I started it.

This is it right after it was done.

It made a wonderful table cloth for my Mom's old table.

I fell in love with this yarns colors.

This is what I'm using it in a double stitch afghan.

This is the traditional granny square I started  yesterday at work.

Happy Crocheting to you !!


  1. The tablecloth turned out beautiful! And I love the colors in the striped afghan. Very nice!

  2. I am in love with the Table Cloth you made it's Beautiful.
    The colors on the others are very pretty


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