Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weird month

It has been a weird & crazy month so far, we started the month with some very nice sunny warm weather then with in a few days we got snow and its been cold ever since.  I finished an afghan I was working on over the weekend. I  have also been working on a cross stitch quilt.  We also found out we are going to be grandparents again this past week, so soon there will be 9 grandchildren like I've been saying all along when someone ask me. I just knew we were 1 short until now.  I can hardly wait to meet our new grandchild in Oct.  
My blue afghan

Just after being let out the coop

First big egg

Second monster egg

Side by side monster eggs & they both were double yokes.
Have been getting some monster eggs this month also, the girls are in full blast laying. And I have slowly been spring cleaning the house on the weekends and my poor man has been having to move all kinds of stuff out my way. This weekend the kitchen stove spent most of a day in the middle of the kitchen floor while I scrubbed it down and the wall behind it. He was real happy when it all got done and got a nice hot cooked meal.                                                      


  1. Those monster eggs just tickle me! I am finally getting eggs that are extra large, but most are still fairly small. I would love to find eggs the size of the ones you get!

    Your afghan looks really nice. I love the colors. I bet it's toasty warm, too. Very pretty!

  2. Love those big eggs! My girl Buttercup (Buff Orpington)lays those big ones too. Did you know that double yolkers will produce twins if the egg is fertile? I had one under a hen one year and she got off the nest a few days too early for the chicks to hatch out. I was over taken with curiosity and opened the egg and sure enough there were two baby chicks inside. It broke my heart and had I known she would get off the nest with the earlier chicks I would have incubated them.


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