Saturday, January 28, 2012

Something old new again, part 2

These are just few more of the cross stitching I have done and still had that I found. I still have to get them flatten out and cleaned up.  Then I am thinking they are going to look great hanging in our spare bedroom.

Done this 1 for my mom, she loved hummingbirds

This is 1 of the very first I done learning.
 I am working on  a new project now along with finishing up the blue afghan.  And I am pretty shore it will be months before I can post any thing on them.
Brown afghan done and sitting on my office chair
 Got the brown afghan done in time to give to a friend the day she got home from being away for 2 weeks in New York for work.


  1. They're all so nice, Charlotte. You put a lot of work into those! The hummingbirds and morning glories are probably my favorites - they are both so colorful and so pretty. I like them all, though. And your afghan came out really nice!

  2. Penny, it was like opening a present on Christmas day when I found all my cross stitching stuff and then in the second box some of the 1's I had done. I even found some of the magazines I had other projects marked to do. I am so enjoying doing it again and fills so good to be doing some thing with my hands again.

  3. Julie thank you, I loved to see the cross stitched a frog you were talking about.


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