Sunday, March 25, 2012

A little this & that

Rosemary in full bloom

I love walking around the yard in the spring to see whats made it threw winter and see all the flowers coming back up saying we are still here.

Our poor pond dry again

I wore this a month to remember the friend who made it for me.

Made this for my Aunt last month

1 of the 12 squares I have done for a quilt.

A pretty little basket that was a gift

Made this 1 this month

Hi mom what you got for us.

Spring garden starting to come in.

I love a field of clove

4 left clovers I found on todays walk.


  1. With all of those lucky clovers, this should be a great garden year!!

  2. Oh no! I commented on this Sunday and now it's not here :( It switched me to my profile login and it must have lost my comment when it did. Ugh!

    Well, I just wanted to say I love all your pictures and the ones of the chickens made me smile. I can't believe your hostas are up already and your rosemary is blooming! What crazy weather we are having. I'm not complaining though! And you are definitely the Queen of Four Leaf Clovers! XXXOOO

  3. Stacey I am so hoping for a great gardening year, last year wasn't so good for me. I missed all the fresh veggies.

    Penny, you are to funny, I so need to come see ya for a visit soon. I miss you so much.The chickens alway have me smiling & laughing those girls go nuts when they see me. lol Love you lady.

  4. Hey, copy cat...I was just gonna say that I love to see her hosta coming up like that! When I saw the picture of the hosta it made me realize..heyyyyy...I dont have any hosta here on the farm! And I love them! I may need to remedy that soon.

  5. Marcee, I love hosta's and so do the dang snails here. Used eggs shells are great to use around them to help keep the snails off, but a few still may get to them. I want to get more to plant once we get the new flower beds built around our maple tress.


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