Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here

I am so happy spring is here. 
Was so ready to get the garden started. 
 And seeing all the flowers & a yard full of clover.
Is great.





Not shore what this little flower is but it was grows wild in the yard.

My Elm is looking great this year.

Veggie stock.

The chickens are loving it also.
4 leaf clovers are good too.

A few more to add to my count.
Have you ever found a 4 leaf clover before ??


  1. It sure does feel like spring this year, doesn't it? It was nice to have a warm day for the first day of spring for a change! I love all your photos. The daffodils are just gorgeous - I love the colors. You are the queen of finding 4 leaf clovers! I find a few here and there, but never as many as you. You should be filled up with luck for the rest of your life for sure :) XXXOOO

  2. Penny, The luck I get from the clovers is good friends & that is the best. Love ya XXXOOO


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