Thursday, April 5, 2012

How I do Fried Green Beans

I have had a few friends on FaceBook ask how do I make my fried green beans. So tonight as I got everything ready.  I thought I would take photos to do a blog post to share with you on how mine are done. I hope it will help you give them a try. And let me know how they came out. We love them so much that they are on our dinner table 2 or 3 times a week.

Here are the ingredients and I cook  them in a skillet.
 Green beans, bacon grease, salt, pepper, Mrs Dash and butter.

I really can't tell you what amounts I use. I have never measured or, a pinch or dash is how I do it . I know how much we like of each ingredient we like so that is how I cook.

These are the ingredients I use.

I use 2 pints of green beans I canned with bacon in them,
Drain them as well as you can.

I sometimes will use a bit of diced onion and add it to the dab of bacon grease.

And sometimes a small pinch of granulated garlic.

cook on medium heat

these have been cooking 10 minutes

Add butter and let set until melted

All ready to serving once the butter is mixed in.
This is a good way to get some extra good taste to store bought green beans also if you don't can your own.                                                     


  1. Yummmmmm. I love green beans. Do you drain the beans before adding to the pan, Charlotte?

  2. Penny, Sorry and yes the beans are drained before adding to pan, I thought I wrote it on the photo of my beans. But didn't see it. Will fix that now, Thank you. XXXOOO

  3. where do you find the time? Do you have children? or ex-husband? lol. They sound really good and I will try to make them. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous, I don't get much sleep sometimes with all I Our children are grown and have their own families.There is just the 2 of us & the critters now.


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