Monday, April 9, 2012

Mondays yard work

                                        We did a little yard work today.

raised bed 1

raised bed 2

raised bed 3

tilled the pond and packed it again

garden is all tilled now


  1. Wow! Y'all have been busy bees! Everything looks so nice. I love the raised beds around the trees. What are you going to put in all the raised beds? Are you filling the pond to get rid of it?

    I bet you both slept well last night! Your yard looks beautiful! XXXOOO

  2. We are hoping in time to have a raised bed around all the trees and as I can I want to fill them with Hostas, Barrenwort, Bleeding hearts and other shape loving plants as I find ones I like. The 1 raised planted will be my herb garden. T. is hoping we can get the pond to hold water without having to put a liner in it. He has tilled and repacked it a couple times now. Hoping this time does the trick, if not we got to put a liner in.
    Penny, I think we both were a sleep before our heads hit the pillow we were so wore out. lol XXXOOO


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