Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicks part 2

The chicks are growing so fast they had to get moved in to my feed shed and a bigger brooder. I think I was up and down all night going out to check on them their first night. And to make shore the heat lamp was keeping them warm enough.  They are loving the extra room in their new brooder and as soon as they feather out a bit more, we can have a whole day out in the yard together sitting in the sun.  I think they would enjoy playing in the garden with me. :-)

Playing in the bathroom floor

We are getting bigger and feathering out

Our new brooder

mom ain't I a pretty girl

Look what I found



  1. I can't get over how big they are! And they are sooooo cute. I bet they are happy with their bigger digs. If they grow into those feet you're gonna have some big girls! And I bet they lay you some big and pretty eggs, too. XXXXOOO

  2. I am surprised how much they have grown in the short time I've had them just a little 3 weeks. In another few weeks they will not need a heat lamp. I can hardly wait to see what color's their eggs are and how big they will be. I am think they should start laying by late August, Sept at the latest. I don't think I have ever seen feet that big on chicks before. I was wondering how they don't trip themselves up with those. :-)

  3. They are so cute! My Grandma used to raise chickens for eggs and I always loved it when she got the new chicks in.

  4. ;) They are so adorable Charlotte! What breed are they?

  5. Julie, they are from TSC and they are red sex links pullets.


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