Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The garden and blooms

I am late getting a lot of plants and seeds in the garden this year. Over this past weekend I finally got my pepper and tomato plants in the ground. The radishes are now got and my lettuces are starting to go to seed, so the chickens are getting a treat every couple days. I am getting a small handful of strawberries every couple days. The new plants are doing great and starting to get a few blooms now. Monday we found 4 kittens and their mama in our old barn.  So we are taking care of them for a bit until we can find homes for them. We are going to keep 1 of the kittens. I fell in love with the marking on 1 of them, who is a boy we named Barney. And as soon as he is big enough he will come inside and be neutered. I am hoping he will be a good mouser and will take care of the mice we get in our basement in the winter.

Peppers & tomatoes




New strawberry plants

Day lily

The kitty we found in our barn

Her kittens

This is the 1 we name Barney and we are keeping.

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  1. Your garden looks great! I love that peach colored day lily. And those kittens are soooo cute. How lucky that the mama found you. I know Barney is going to love his new home. He really does have such pretty markings. What a precious little thing! I hope you won't have too much trouble finding homes for the others. I wish I could take them all!


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