Friday, May 4, 2012

A helping hand

Every now and then my man does something really nice that touches my heart so and reminds me why I love him so very much. There is a gentleman who mows lawns around were we work at and we have him do ours at work.He is supporting himself & his kids this way since he hadn't been able to find a job. We noticed his cart was falling apart on him almost weekly. So my sweet man took it upon himself to make him a new cart. And we gave it to him yesterday and all he has to do is paint it the color he wants.

       We made a Mr. Willey a very happy person And once he has it painted.
                  He is bring it back so I can have a new photo of it.                                    This is our way of saying,  Thank you and for what they do for us.


  1. Ohhhhh! That is so sweet, Charlotte! I know Mr. Willey appreciates such a wonderful gift. T is very talented, and he has a big heart. Give him a big ol' hug for me please and tell him I love him. And I love you too, Booboo. XXXOOO

  2. Penny, Mr Willey was all smiles and I think T. was too. They had a blast talking about how T done it. I think it made T.'s day too. And I will give him a big hug & kiss for ya. We love You & B. XXXOOO

  3. That is so sweet of your Hubby to do that.

  4. How kind and thoughtful of your husband! The world needs more people like him.


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