Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chicks & Chickens

Over the weekend the chicks had a moving day into their new home until they are big enough to go in with the big chickens. They spent the night in their new coop and the next day after I got the old pen wire repaired and then they had their real first whole day outside and meet their neighbors the big girls and the boys. No one really knew what to think of each other. For now as they grow everyone is safe and in about 3 to 4 months they will have gotten use to each other and then a piece of wire can be removed so everyone can go in together. It will be so good to have 8 new girls to lay eggs all winter.

Our new home a real coop

Our first real all day outside

We are having a blast

Checking out who's in there

Our new home until we are big enough to join the other chickens

We are watching you youngsters

                        We hope everyone has a scratching good day !!                                                        


  1. The chicks sure are getting big! They look happy in their new digs. And it's looks like the big kids are getting used to their new neighbors just fine.

  2. There has been a bit of chatting going back and forth with everyone 1 saying hello. :-) Gibbs the rooster & my 1 hen Lucky have been watching & visiting them the most. And they come running at me already like the big chickens do when they see me. LOL


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