Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being sick, sliding glass door & green beans.

I have been sick with what ever bug is going around here lately. But Monday we had a friend Wayne who could help us put in the new sliding glass door we got on clearance sale the 4th of July at Lowes & I am loving the new door. It was a beautiful day to put it in & we couldn't have ask for a better day.  My chickens behaved themselves and no one tried to come in while we were working.   Still got to trim out the inside & put up some kind of  blind but it will be alright until then.At less now there is no more wind & cold coming threw the door now like our old one. And the fall garden of green beans need picking. So I also starting on them Monday with over 8 gallons of beans picked to start with & then again yesterday I picked another 8 to10 gallons. So I have been very busy canned & dried beans.  I have been fighting this cold and also taking care of what has to be done. Later on this winter it will all pay off .

This is Wayne getting the opening all ready for the new door.
The new door in.

Fresh picked  green beans
Did these at work sitting at my desk

All cleaned & snapped
12 quarts done om Monday.


  1. The sliding glass door looks nice! And that sure is a lot of beans your getting. I know it's lots of work, but you're gonna be set for quite a while! Very nice.

    I sure hope you and Tex get over those colds soon. XXXOOO

  2. There is still more beans out there, I am hoping the others get out there and pick some soon. I really would hate for all those beans to go to waste, when they could feed someone. If by the weekend no one has I'll be making a call to see if I can just pick all of them.

    I hope we both get over this cold soon too.XXXOOO

  3. Oh my. Looks like the amount of beans I just put up in the freezer. Yummy for later!!

  4. They will be great come winter a taste of sunshine & canned with love.


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