Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who ordered this white stuff.

                  It was only raining when I went to bed. And I got up to all this stuff. 
                         It is way to soon for this stuff to be falling for me.
The path out to take care of my chickens

our poor barn who needs a new roof

Under all that snow is 2 big piles of chips from our trees that were getting trimmed

my persimmon tree

I don't think the garden is liking this and it done for the year.

Branches going down.

This tree is on the to trim list but couldn't wait.
It done some of its own pruning with the help of the snow.

T. seeing why the Internet was down.

We think this one took out the Internet when it came down.

Road on our way to work

Almost to work
It has took out our power & a tree branch took out the Internet line.  I am at work posting this, because it will be a few days before we get our Internet back up. So I will not be on line for a few days.


  1. Beautiful Picture's, will be glad when or if we get some. Be careful & stay Safe & Warm.

  2. You received a little more than us but we woke up to the stuff too. My pepper and eggplant plants are officially done. We are enjoying the warmth of the pellet stove today and some homemade soup. Yum!

  3. Beautiful but also destructive. Hope you have internet again soon. We didn't have any snow here, just a cold rain.

  4. We got power & Internet back by late afternoon. I so want a pellet or wood stove for here. I remember cooking on a wood cook stove as a little kid with my mom. I wish I could have posted all the photos I took but picked the best 1s or there would be way to many. I am loving that my new cell hone takes pictures.


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