Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taking a day off.

I have been sick with a cold for almost a week & shut up inside. So as the day warmed up outside I just couldn't stand being inside. So today turned into a sit in all the great sunshine & enjoy a day chilling out watch the chickens free range. I so enjoyed this day relaxing.


Then laster this evening I did go dig the onions up.  

 It has been one of the best days I have has just chilling.  Tomorrow we have a friend coming mid-morning to trim our maple trees and I am hoping to get a few photos of that. Plus I will be picking more green beans.


  1. Great pictures, Charlotte. The chickens are so cute chickening around. Looks like you got a nice collection of onions.

    I sure hope you feel better. XXXOOO

  2. Sorry you've been feeling poorly and hope you're better soon. Glad you had a relaxing day in the sun watching the chickens. Great pictures!

  3. Thank you ladies I am filling much better, still have a little bit of a cough and it is getting better each day. I am pretty shore a day in the sun watching chickens helped. I am hoping I didn't over do it with chicken photos, It was the first time I got some really nice 1s of them I think. Once all those onions were cleaned & chopped up I got 2 quart bags full for the freezer. :)


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