Monday, October 31, 2011

Here a few photos of the last few days when a snow storm took out the power and a tree branch took out the Internet. We did just fine with the help of a generator and some drop cords run to 2 heats, our 2 freezers and when needed for cooking with a griddle and my rice cooker.The chickens wouldn't come out the coop until Sunday evening, but the girls did their part and gave us lots of eggs to keep us feed too along with all the green beans I had on hand that I picked Friday morning and what was left got blanched and are in the freezer until we need them all 18 lbs of them. And the clean up of 2 trees started at 7:30 am Monday morning. I think I will be glad to go back to work tomorrow I could use the rest.

This last photo is of the last tree that has to be trimmed back and it is also the biggest of all our maples, and the only 1 to lose 1 small branch.


  1. Heyyy...I was just gifted a rice cooker. I cant wait to use it!

  2. That is a great gift,we love ours,this is our second one in 15 years.It gets used a lot. I hope you enjoy your as much as we do ours.


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