Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little canning & drying

I got the last of 2 rows of green beans done tonight.  I put them in the dehydrator before going to work.  I miss my garden this year it didn't do well at all with the dry spell we had & me hurting myself so I couldn't even tote water down to it. I did find I have some onions coming back up so I will get them up this weekend. I have started drying Kale, mustard greens & turnip green this year from the fall garden I share with 2 other friends. I am using it in soups like a herb. I crush up a small hand full & add it to the soups.  We have found it is pretty good & I will be doing as much as I can before it is gone.
The last of 2 rows of green beans 12 more qts &  a few dried.

dried kale & greens

Chicken stock I made a few months back

Some of this years pickles

A new cook book I got for my B-day

T's deer jerky going in, so no after wards photo, he got to it before I could take 1.


  1. It all looks so good! The cookbook looks really nice - that was a sweet gift. And I giggled at your comment under the deer jerky :)

  2. I just reread that 1,He was fast on getting it out & hid before I knew it. I am going to see if he will let me do a post on him making the deer jerky. It's better each time he make it. I am loving the new cook book to, am taking my time going threw it to see what I want to try from it. :)

  3. Hey Charlotte, I love your blog! And I had to laugh too at the deer jerky comment. :-)

  4. Thank you Susan, I think I will have to start rereading what I write with photos. lol

  5. I love to see all your harvest! Its going to taste so good some winter.

    That T...quick to the punch, huh? You must make it just right for him. :-)

  6. frugalmom, We have a deal, I do all the canning & he makes the jerky.That is the one thing he really good at and get do or make in the kitchen.I like my pots & pan. :)


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