Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011

I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. It seem like the stores were already getting out stuff for Christmas right after Halloween here. And then a few days before Thanksgiving I was already seeing Christmas tree stands going up with trees for sale and that just didn't fill right to me. So I am last getting my tree up, I usually put ours up 2 weeks before Christmas and but was having a hard time decorating it this year. Finely got it done after I kind fell into the it a couple times, I spent a couple days decorating it. I did a more simple tree this year with no lights and lots of little red bows.
Love the Christmas cards we got this year, They make it Christmas and for me each is a gift in its self. I so look fore ward to the cards they remind me of my childhood. The one thing I so enjoyed doing with my mom. We would spend a day doing ours cards up to mail out. And she let me open each 1 we got back and put it on our wall of cards. And I so love all the cards we get this time of year. I am one of those people who keeps my cards from year to year. They are all very special to me, I have a couple boxes of past cards put up.  The card below was a very special card I got, it teared me up big time and the Lady got some big hugs from me.

Karen, bless your sweet heart
And now on to some of the gifts I will be giving this year to go with the quarts of green beans that I canned from this years garden. I find gifts of food like these mean a lot to our family, because they come from the heart.
Friendship cakes
The first starting of fudge and I still have a couple more batches to make.

Man does it take a lots of stirring and a long time to reach temp.

And then on to cooling down time in the fridge before cutting.

1 down and a couple more to make.
I remember my mom only made this Hershey's cocoa fudge at Christmas time and my little sister & I am trying to keep that tradition going. And if we wanted walnuts in it my granddad would find and bring us nuts to shell out for it. I remember busting my fingers with the hammer more then the walnuts.  I think we were given the nuts more to keep us out from under foot while she made the fudge.  She made another candy from egg whites, sugar and vanilla she called sea-foam but I never got that recipe from her because she lost it in 1 of their moves. I so loved that candy and have not been able to find that recipe yet. I loved how it seem to melt in your mouth.   
         Wishing you all many Blessing in your celebrate of the season, from us to you
        Merry Christmas &  Happy New Year.


  1. I love your tree with all the red ribbons. So pretty! Your friendship breads and fudge look really yummy! Your mothers sea-foam recipe sounds similar to Divinty. I wonder if it's the same? I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas, filled with joy and happiness. Love you!

  2. I find that as the years go on, I am much happier making candy and cookies for gifts at Christmas. I can concentrate in my own kitchen on thinking good thoughts about the people I will be giving the gifts to--so much better than rushing around and buying stuff they probably don't need with money I probably shouldn't spend! I hope that's not grinchy, but it's what works for me to help make a very stress-free Christmas.

  3. Penny, I tried looking up a recipes for Divinty not shore if what I found that was it,I was around 15 years old last time my mom made it. I think I love the red ribbons & they will be on the tree again. We hope your Family has a great Christmas And we get to see y'all soon. Love Y'all

    Clair, I am for anything that makes it as much a stress-free Christmas as I can too. Our family and Friends seem to love our gifts to them. And know if they give us a gift anything food is always the best in our house. Food is a gift everyone can & will use. Wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Years.


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