Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some of my canning

I have been canning 3 years now and thought it would be nice to share some of those years canning photos with you. The first year I started out with tomatoes, jams & lots of pickles. Then last year we got an Excalibur 9 tray Dehydrator to dry some fruits & vegetables & for my man to make deer jerky. Which I never seem to see again once he has packaged it up, unless it is needed. I am hoping to get some photos of the jerky this year as it goes in & comes out before he packs it up. This year I only got to can some more pickles, make some stocks, 58 quarts of green beans & dry kale for soups.

The start of my first year of canning 2009


Apple-grape jelly

the end of my first year of canning 2009

Jerky,Banana chips & apple chips

Dry yellow squash

Roasted vegetable stock

New potatoes

Chicken Stock

Dry tomatoes

Salsa & dried tomatoes

 Quarts of apples & peaches

Pints of spiced peaches & apples

Pints of green beans

Dried apples,pickled peppers,dried tomatoes and dried green beans

The end of 2 year of canning 2010

Jalapeño pickled eggs

apples & peaches

Picked Jalapeños

Apple pie filling

ether apple sauce or pear sauce

Beet pickled eggs

Dill,sweet, bread& butter, hamburger chip pickles

Quarts of green beans

Apple sauce
Drying kale

Dried kale all ready to add to soups

the end of this years canning 20011

The last few jars of 58 quarts of green beans found a home.
  I think my photos got a little mixed up. I am still learning how to get them to post. It is hard for me to believe this last 3 years is the first time I have done any canning in over 30 years. I was so hooked after my first few time of canning Bread & butter pickles,  I remember eating them when my mom & aunt made them before they ever made it into jars. And after I open the first jar that winter, I sat down and ate the whole jar remembering child hood times helping my mom can at my aunts house. Jars of tomatoes, Jams, Jellies, Dill pickles & lots of Bread & Butter pickles.   Thank you aunt Betty for being there to teach my mom and me.


  1. What a beautiful bounty you've preserved! I'm so proud of you. I just love looking at these pictures.

  2. I am proud of myself and after talking to my aunt, we know my mom would be too. And they all taste so good too. I love being able to give some as Christmas gifts too.

  3. Wow! Charlotte, that's just plain awesome! XXXOOO

  4. Thanks Julie, I just came out the kitchen now from making biscuits to go with the honey I just open. I need a little snack ;) Yummy !!

  5. Hokey PETE! Thats a whole lot of preserving going on at your place! That is so awesome! I love seeing the pics of your pantry. And you have so many different things.

    You are amazing, Charlotte!

  6. frugalmom, Thank you, it was a lot of hard work but well worth it. The taste is so good and fresh. Also it is good to know what is going into every jar no extra juke our bodies don't need. If I keep it up the way I have been going I'll need more shelves soon, More shelves is always good in my book. :-)


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