Thursday, December 22, 2011

Living with Tinnitus

  4 am
    I have been up sense 8 am yesterday now. I'm so tired and very sleepy but the ringing in my ears is so loud tonight sleep will not seem to come. I am having a bad night with Tinnitus.  I'm starting to have a couple more nights a month as I get older with it keeping me awake.  Use to be maybe 2 nights, now sometimes up to 5 nights a month.  I think I am lucky my ring stays low to medium most of the time, some people have the loud ringing all the time.  Mine has only gotten louder over the past few years. I have grew up with mine so I have more or less learn to live with it.  I hurt for the people who suddenly get it. I have met a few soldiers who have it now and my heart breaks for them.

My sleeping pill is kicking in at last so I just may get a few hours sleep in before time in get up and feed my critters and going to work.  Sweet dreams my friends.


  1. Oh, Booboo. I'm so sorry for you :( Daddy had tinnitus, too - from Viet Nam. He suffered many years with it, and I hated it for him. I hate it for you, too. I pray you find some relief and get some sleep. I love you.

  2. Thank you, I remember we talked& you telling me your dad had had it also. And I did get some sleep last night, with the rain we got it was easy to listen to it and fall asleep. I got a whole 8 hours. Which is very good for me. I love you & your family very much too.


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