Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Valley

  I love were I live it is a small rural community estimated population is about 980 to 1,095.  as of this year. We have a tiny post office, which I think is so cute. And the drive to the closest stores is about 15 miles away. The drive there is beautiful with all the mountains along the way. I fill bless to live were I do. This valley and it's mountains have brought so much healing & peace to me.

Rileyville  Va.

Great view of the valley

            Hope you enjoy the photos of our valley as I did getting the photos.


  1. Thank you Penny,these were took on the way back from getting chicken feed. I love the ride to your valley, it's mountains is as beautiful also.

  2. I love the mountains, I just can't take the cold that comes with them :( Your pictures are so nice!
    Thanks for sharing! xxxooo

  3. It does get real cold here sometimes and those are the days I just curl up in a blanket and take a nice long nap with the pup. He is a real good foot warmer. lol


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