Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Past

I thought I would share some photos of our past Christmas trees & some of the special ornaments that go on to the tree each year. This tree was all I ask for the first Christmas in our new place, so I would be able to use my special ornaments.  I will not be putting up our tree for this year for at less a week or so yet but want to share these for now.





This are the in memory ornaments for my son & daughter 

This one is in memory for pops

This one was from my friend Kelly

From my mom's friend Scott

The very first 1 my wonder man brought for me.

These were from my grandma

Past down to me from my mom, I can remember them being on our tree as a kid

This was from pops tree

The wooden ones were a gift for my kids

1 of the wooden clocks

Wooden toys

Old St. Nick
I love this Santa
This bench was from our little friend Kim

I love hummingbirds & had to have the set of 6 I got 10 years ago.
The White 1 another handed down from my mom.

Some of my family

 My mom who always tried to make Christmas special just like she was with lots of love,hugs and togetherness time. 
To me it does not matter if there is anything under the tree at all. 
Only that it is up and I can remember those I love and the times we spent together with family & friends those are the best gifts in life.


  1. Awwwww. Sweet post, Charlotte. I love that all your ornaments hold such a special place in your heart. Merry Christmas!!!!! XXXOOO

  2. You have had some Beautiful Christmas Tree's I also love the HomeMade Ornaments that's what I always prefer to have on my Tree's.

  3. Sweet post, pictures and memories! XXXOOO


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