Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Grandma

When my great grandma past my mom ask what I want that was hers. I wanted to share the gift that I ask for and I have from my grandma.  All I had ask for was 1 of her aprons. As long as I can remember she always had 1 on unless she was going to church on Sunday. I was greatly surprised when my mom brought me back a apron and 2 of her cook books & the little glass bottle I remember playing with as a a very little kid when we visited her. I know the treasures in the bottle meant a lot to my grandma. If I remember right the pieces are from our family members and her friends.  My mom gave me the gifts she knew I would treasure always and would mean the most to me. Grandma's aprons were all homemade, my mom said my grandma Brown made great grandma's last aprons for her. So the gift of this apron means even more. It is from both my grandma's.
My uncle JC, my great grandma and grandma B.

This was the apron I received.

The little jar I loved to play with.

The treasures that are in the jar.

Great grandma's recipe for cornbread. Yummy !

Her cookbooks I got.

Inside cover of the cook books.

  I hope to past these cookbooks on to my granddaughter one day and hope she will treasure them as much as I do.  My great grandparents have been gone a long time, but I still have great memories of them and fill very bless-est to have got to spend time with them.                                                                 


  1. What wonderful gifts your mother passed on to you from your great grandma. I know you love looking at the apron and thinking of your sweet memories of your great grandma wearing it. It's wonderful you have her cookbooks and can remember her each time you make something from them! I love the little jar of treasures. I know it makes you smile each time you look at it, or hold those treasures in your hand. You truly are blessed to have such wonderful remembrances of your great grandma, and to have so many happy memories.

  2. Penny, Thank you. I have been thinking of how proud she would be of me for all the things I have went back to doing in the old ways. The canning,gardening and cooking from scratch, and then that I have started doing the crafts I like again. I was thinking I want to start wearing her apron on the weekends when I'm in the kitchen. I think she would have liked that.

  3. Looks like quite the treasure with all of those memories behind those gifts. Very cool :)

  4. This is a beautiful moving article about what you treasured about your grandma, I love the sentiment. I am reminded too of the jar of buttons I used to play with as a child, they were like little jewels. I even had to go to hospital to get a button out of my nose which I stuck there as an experiment.
    Thanks for the memory jogger. Some of the time old recipes will be lost if you don't treasure your gran's recipe books, I wish I could also have such a treasure as one remembers the taste of the cookies she used to make or hot home made bread on a Sunday morning or similar experience.
    My gran used to crochet allot but she is too old to teach me how now, as her fingers are all stiff & she can't see well, she has to use a Tracfone phone for seniors with bigger keys and buttons to make calls to me, mind you it only costs $7/month for service.
    Crochet seems to be very fashionable these days, I've seen people crochet pastel colored hats, frilly scarves, beautiful pale green bed covers etc which are so soft and romantic looking.
    I'm looking forward to reading more of your touching letters.

  5. Charlotte, what a sweet post! I think it was so sweet that your mom remembered the jar of treasures you loved playing with and brought it to you as well as the other "treasures". It's great that you have such sweet memories. Thank you for sharing! It brought back some sweet memories I have of my Grandmother! <3 XXXOOO

  6. Penny, Kim, Anette, Julie, Thank you for your sweet words. It is sweet to have a little something from my great granny, She was a very strong & loving woman. I am somewhat like her in ways I have out lived most of my children also. We shared that pain. She lived to be 98 years old. She love cooking and gardening also.


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