Friday, January 6, 2012

Our pup turns 10 this year

I rescued our boy March 2002 from our local dog pound. My sister in law called saying she had seen a pup she thought would be good for us. So a friend & I went out to see him. He was a scared tiny little thing under weight, cold and all by himself. As soon a I picked him up and he fell sound to sleep in my arms,I knew he was coming home with me. I call my honey and told him I got us a pup and was on my way back with him And would be there as soon as I picked up a couple things.  Like a collar, leach, puppy food and 2 bowls 1 for water 1 for food. And I knew soon as I got back and he seen and held him, he was going to be hooked too and was in less then a day. He was the sleepiest pup I have ever seen. So next day I called our vet we had used before when we had a dog And she got us in that morning to check him out.  All she could really find wrong was he was way under weight and small. And we though he mite be a Lab mix and could get up to 60 or 70 lbs, which is about the size dog we wanted to find. Well he played a fast one on us all he is just now hitting almost 42 lbs.
1 1/2 months after come home with us.
2 months at home

Oh my favorite toy
But he is a sweet boy and loves every one he meets and he even likes his Vet and going to see her.  He loves riding in the car to work with us everyday and the ride to see our friends and when we get onto the road they live on. He knows were we are going and starts to cry and we can't seem to get there fast enough for him to say Hi to them and let them know he has miss visiting their homestead. It was a nice surprise that he seem to learn things so fast, he was house broke in less then 2 weeks and then after that sit, shake a paw and a few others. And he is the best box shredder I could ask for. :-)   I love that when I am sick he will get on the sofa and stay with me all day long curled up sleeping under the covers.  He likes his covers.                                                 
I like my blanket
I would like to ride before I will get off please
I listen when I am at work
Oh I get to open my own Christmas gift
Oh dad let me take care of that for you.
 I can be good riding in the car

Can I go play yet

I like to watch were we are going
Hope you have enjoyed learn a little about our Bob'O" and seeing some of his photos.    He will be 10 years old the 12th of this month.  Happy Birthday  !!                                                                


  1. BobO!!! I just love him to pieces. He is such a smart and sweet pup. Please give him a great big happy birthday hug and kiss from his Aunt Penny. I really love all those pictures, too. So handsome!

  2. Aunt Penny, I love you and all my country cousins and mom gave me a big hug and kisses from you. XXXOOO

  3. Aww Bob-O such a cutie and I love the pic of him on the trike. They are the best when they come lay with you when you arent feeling good too. Give him a good Happy Birthday scratch on his head for me :-)

  4. Kim, he is a great foot warmer too & I will give him a b-day scratch for ya. love ya hon.

  5. Oh, what a cutie pie! Lucky families find the right dog :-)

  6. Stacey, Thank you, he is the best dog we have ever had.


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