Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chickens, Friends & a few goodbyes.

I thought long and hard about it and decided I wasn't going to hatch chicks this year. And yesterday I said goodbye to 6 Phoenix hens 3 of them belonged to my friend Penny, who was so sweet in hatching out chicks for me with her 3 sweet girls and loaning me those girls to take care and raise the chicks.  I also gave her my other 3 phoenix hens that had hatched out this spring. She is getting new chicks to add to her flock soon and these hens make and are great mamas. So she will be needing broody hens and these girls are great broodies. I was sad and glad at the same time. Knowing the girls were going home with Penny was very heart warming because she is a great chicken mama to her flock. I will miss those girls talking and running up to me to see what I am doing or have for them when I am in the yard. And so after we had a nice visit with Penny and Bernie they gave us some scrapple and we gave them some sausage, they had to headed home.  She posted this to me on FB when they got home.  (( The girls made it home just fine. Did you teach them to sing? I swear they were harmonizing to Alan Jackson on the radio........ Ha! --   I posted back to her this... I think they love listening to T. when he played the radio in the garage on our days off work... ))    This morning I so missed those 6 girls when I went out to feed and water the 16 hens and 2 roosters I still have. It just seem a little to quiet after all the noise the girls make first thing in the morning when they get their scratch. But the roosters were letting me know they missed those girls too, by the talk they gave me. lol  But I think in time now that all my chickens are in 1 coop and not 2 they will settle down and the boys have new girls to make relationships with they will soon all be happy again. I know the girls that got moved are enjoy a much bigger coop and more nest boxes to choose from I got 6 eggs before I came to work today. :-)  And if by chance I decide I want chicks I still have 2 Phoenix mix hens and if they are like their mama was I still may have a broody hen come spring.  I so love having chickens, they help keep me sane but can drive me nuts at times too. 


  1. I know you miss those six little hens - they are sweet girls. This morning the Phoenix mix I originally gave you escaped from the brooder and went right on outside and got involved with the flock. Tonight she doesn't act like she ever left. Then about an hour ago I opened the brooders to change out feed/water and the full blooded Phoenix I gave you popped out. She jumped up on the roost with about 10 hens who were hiding there to get away from the wind - just like she never left! It's the funniest thing. The other 4 are still in the brooder, but I may open the door and see if they want to venture out tomorrow.

    Thanks for taking such good care of the girls, and for giving me 3 of the pullets they hatched out. The good news is you can visit them anytime you like :)

    Love ya, Booboo!

  2. I bet those girls remember it is home & soon the other girls will know it is home too. I am so happy to hear they fitted right back into the flock. And thank you so much for the loan of the girls they were a real joy to have and real sweethearts to be around. And you know I will out to visit everyone soon. I love our visit to to the homestead.
    Love you lots too.

  3. Very sweet and I love your last comment. :) I totally know what you mean!!

  4. I found my way here by chance, but was captivated once I began to read your posts. You've created a wonderful spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here.. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Thank you Mary for the lovely comment, I am new to having a blog, And love it when someone makes a comment. I am so glad you have stopped in for a visit with me. Many Bless to you & yours... Charlotte


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