Friday, January 20, 2012

2010 Christmas Chickens

These 2 girls were born Christmas day 2010, and their names are Lucky & Sweetie. They will get to live out their lives here until they past of old age because they were born Christmas.Sorry the photos are not the best but these girl just stand still very long.
This is Lucky

This is Sweetie

These 2 girls almost always stick together when they are out.
This is them at 10 days old with mom & their brothers.
This was Lucky an hour after I found and got her warmed up.
      She had gotten pushed out the nest, but a couple hours on a heating pad she was alright and was put back under mom. That is how she got her name Lucky,  There was a couple inches of snow on the ground when she was hatched and I found her before she froze. Sweetie got her name from a sweet friend in Germany when I was asking friends who would like to give my Christmas chickens names.  I am sorry to say that the 3 roosters had to go, I already had a rooster who was a sweet gift from my friend Penny. He was a real sweet heart.    So my step-son took care of them because I just couldn't do them. I spent way to much time with them. I really hate it when I get more rooster then hens when I let the hens hatch out a few eggs. 
That is part of having chickens, you got to take a few roo's to get a few hens.
Happy Chicken keeping my friends.                                     


  1. I think that was a wonderful Christmas blessing :) And they are such pretty hens. I know what you mean about getting roos though - to me that is really the only bad part about letting broodies hatch out babies. But the rest of it is pretty awesome :)

  2. They are so cute! They look like happy, spoiled chicks.

  3. Penny, I know. I hate having to send the roo's to freezer camp, but know it has to be done for the hens sake, so those boys don't run them to dead.
    Sweet VA. Breeze, they are very spoiled. :-)

  4. They are just beautiful! Don't you just love having chickens??

  5. Staci, they are the sweetest girls And I love having chickens. Love hearing my rooster crow in the morning.

  6. Awww...sweet little chicks :-) I so hope that I get to have some little chicks running around here on the farm in the Spring!

  7. frugalmom, I hope you get chicks to hatch out this year too, It is so fun watching the mama hens teach their chicks everything they need to know.


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