Monday, November 7, 2011

Been a fun & great few days.

Got to meet a new friend from Germany while she was here visiting her friend & mine, Penny from We all had a great visit & I am so happy I got to meet & Elinor and her husband Ule. They are very sweet & nice people.

She gifted me with this lovely sun catcher

And this little chicken family
Sunday was my clean the house day so not much happen. Today has been a very busy day. Our friends were back to do the very last tree. I worked on cleaning a fence off of all the honeysuckle, so I can put a few new post in & then some new fencing. I forgot to get photos of it. But will post some of that soon.

The last tree to get done

All done !!

And another friend showed up with a case of radishes. So we tried something new with supper tonight, baked radishes. And it was a nice surprise and found we liked them. Also had deer pieces with mushrooms in brown gravy, that went over white rice.  Then I got all the radishes cleaned & in the fridge.

A case of fresh radishes

getting ready to be roasted

These roasted radishes were good.

Deer pieces with mushrooms & brown gravy.
We are so lucky to have good friends who help us out. And I would like to say Bless them  all for thinking of us, for their kindness and for being our friends.


  1. Wow! Roasted radishes! Charlotte those sound so delish! Thanks for the thought, I've got to try that.

  2. Julie, they were pretty good. We will be eating them again next time we get more.


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