Monday, November 14, 2011

Chicken & Vistors

My  work week starts Tuesday to Saturday & my weekends are Sunday & Monday.  I should have know it was going to be a messed up week when Tuesday morning almost as soon as I let the chickens out to free range for the day a hawk comes after 1 of my little Phoenix hens, I screamed and it flew off but I worried about them until I got home that night. Everyone was fine & in their coop. So for 2 days they stayed locked up until I thought the hawk was gone and so far no hawk. So my chickens are back out free ranging again and much happier now.  
Chickens free ranging for the day.
 Sunday was very busy it was time to clean 2 chest freezers, so I had to cram everything I could into 1 freezer until I got 1 cleaned then move everything to the clean 1 after it had been plugged back in for an hour. Then do the other 1, took me 4 hours to get that done. It took me all day to get my dozen things done on my To Do List for the day.  I even got to do 1 thing on my list that I have been wanting to start all week. Amish Friendship Bread Starter is now going, so in 10 days I will be back to winter baking of goodies.
Friendship starter


Today was go get chicken laying feed. I was not happy it is up by $2.00 a bag in a month. If this keeps up I may have to cut the number of chickens I have back to just a dozen hens & 1 rooster. Right now I have 22 hens & 2 roosters. also we have a new friend hanging around & home it decides to make this its home.. meet chunky.
A bunny visitor.
   We think it may have been someones pet who got out or was set free.It was playing with the chickens for a bit it would follow them & then they would follow it. I wish I could have gotten a few photos of that, it was so cute.  I had a little fall today, fell over my dog and  busted my knee pretty good so I have been hoping around trying to get some things done until I took a couple Advil. They knocked me out for a few hours & now it fills a lot better. Hopefully it will be a ok in a few days if I stay off it.  I hope everyone has a good weekend all in all mine was good. And today I got a call from my baby sister with some super great News.  They are now land & home owners. They got their loan all paid off. That made this a super great day in my book.  Congratulations !!! Little Sis I love ya.


  1. Oh my, hope you have recovered from your fall. I love your rabbit. I bet that was cute with him playing with the chickens.

  2. Thank you my knee should be better in a few days if not I will have to have it checked out. It was a blast watching the rabbit, we are hoping it stays around & we can catch it.

  3. Chunky is so cute! And I see where he got his name :) I guess you haven't seen that hawk again? I'm so glad he didn't get any of your chickens.

    I sure hope your knee heals quickly. (((hugs)))

  4. Penny, so far i haven't seen any hawk and all the chickens are safe. Chunky is so cute, we are thinking we mite try to catch him/she.
    I hope my knee is better soon too.

  5. I'm coming in late on your posts. Were y'all able to catch Chunky? I hope your leg is better! xxxooo

  6. Julie, I wish I could say we have chunky, but he just ready for that yet. But he is still here and we see him every couple days hanging out with the chickens. :-) Thank you, My leg seems all better now. XXXOOO


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