Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Chicken Tractor

It took about a year to build this chicken tractor for us. We did it on our weekends when we had some spare time and our friend could come help us.  And I want to say a big Thank You to our friend Wayne, if not for him we mite still be working on it.
This is what we started with a old camp traitor base.

Put down 3/4 in board & painted it

Walls starting to go up

Wayne trying to hide from camera

All the walls & the door end when we stopped

Took us all day to get the roof on this day

Starting to close in the walls

And it starts raining on us

2 walls done

3 walls done

All 4 walls done & then the wrap
8 hours later we got it done even with the rain
        Next time we got to work on it a window and chicken door got cut in
                                           And I painted the inside.
Starting the inside with a nice coat of peach paint

Chicken door in

Vinyl flooring in

Window in

Roost & litter in

doors on

Nest boxes & brooder cage

It find a spot in the yard

Vinyl siding going on

All done & chickens are in the coop

It turned out great we think. I still have a couple things I will change inside now that I see what works & what doesn't. But I am loving the vinyl flooring makes cleaning the coop floor so much easier. I hope you have enjoyed see how we build our coop and will leave a comment to let us know what you think.


  1. I think y'all did a GREAT job on that coop! And I know your chickens love every inch of it :) XXXOOO

  2. It looks so great!!!! Just perfect! I cant get my chickens to roost to save my life. I have tried all kinds of roosts..but still no luck. Weird.

  3. Thank you frugalmom, I am having trouble with 1/2 of this years chicks they still want to roost on top the nest boxes. lol

  4. Thanks Julie, I think the best part is we can move it around the yard if need be & it will hold 20 chickens easily.


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