Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grandma's fish cakes

This recipe is one I learned a long time ago & don't get to fix very often, the man of the house has been asking me to fix it for a while.  So when my aunt gave me some cans of pink salmon a few weeks ago. So I thought I try it with a can of that. Any can fish you like will work. 
It takes 1 can of fish of your choice.
A large egg.
And about 1to 1 1/2 cups cornmeal.
salt & pepper
Cooking oil & a large skillet
In a large bowl put fish & egg  then mix well and start adding corn meal a little salt & pepper. And then start with 3/4 a cup, and then  1/4 cup after that until moist but not wet. You want it to form into a ball & stay.
Then add a little cornmeal to a plate for coating the outside of the patty and start forming the fish mixture into patties and coat with cornmeal before cooking on medium heat in oil until they are golden brown.
 I remember eating these as a kid and loving them.
Here are a few photos of them. 

What was left after supper of 14  fish cakes

                       I hope will will give them a try & let me know what you think.
A little to add that I almost forgot, do not drain the liquid from the can of fish it adds lots flavor to the fish cakes. Also here is a photo of the noodles & tomatoes.
A good side dish hot or cold.


  1. I grew up with mom using a can of jack mackerel to make it, because that is what my dad liked. I will have to try a can of tuna to make it also to see how we like it made that way also.
    We also would cook elbow noodles,add a can or jar of tomatoes to the noodles a little salt & pepper, slices of bread with butter and call that a fish cake supper. :)

  2. That looks good! I make my fish cakes using salmon but I have tried tuna too. It's tasty as well. I usually add bread to mine, but cornmeal sounds really good. I like onions in mine too.

    I'm going to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing. XXOO

  3. Susan, I want to try a little onion in mine I think we will like that. Thank you for sharing the onion tip.

    It was great we got your comment this time. XXXOOO

  4. They look really good! I like fish cakes, too. Sounds like you made your man a great meal :)

  5. He was a very happy with the full belly he had & I think he would have ate them all in 1 sitting if not for it being so late when we got to eat supper. lol

  6. I make those too, but I've never tried the cornmeal part. I'll have to give that a try next time. I also add onions and bell pepper to mine. They are so good and I bet will be even better dipped in cornmeal next time. Thanks for sharing Charlotte! I love mine with grits and a fried egg, and a vine ripe tomato when in season!

  7. Oh my a fried egg & slices of fresh from the garden tomato sounds so good too. Love it.


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