Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My friend Feathers story.

Oct 2009 starts this story of how I got my friend Feathers. My friend Penny from backtobasicliving.com was looking for a home for a sweet little rooster she had. And I told her if she couldn't find him a home I would take him as a pet. I fell in love with him as soon as I seen his photo she has posted on facebook. So that is how I got a pet rooster. And then we had to get him a coop & pen ready as soon as we could so he could come home. My step son Scott came over to help me build a small coop for him on the weekend. And then the great friends Penny & her husband Bernie came the next weekend with our boy and to help us put up fence post and the fencing for his pen. She did a post on him called One Lucky Boy
With us working together we had it done in a few hours & Feather got to see his new home.First he got to see and spend a little time in his coop and then I let him out to check out his pen. And with in 3 months he got some girls to keep him company.

Feathers first time in his coop

Feathers first time in his pen
Feather got some girl friends

  I soon found I love sitting for hours watching and talking to him and the girls. And soon they were chatting it up with me too.  And then soon there was more girls & then chicks for us. And then I started letting everyone free range on my days off and in time they got to free range all the time and a bigger and new coop got build-ed for them and I had up to 25 chickens. 

Feathers with 1 of his daughters

Feathers keeping a eye on a mama and her chicks

Finding goodies for his girls

Enjoying watching them free range in the yard
Whats up mom

This years chicks he fathered

Being a good dad

teaching chicks to eat

hang out on patio with me
This last 3 photos were the last took a couple days before my boy Feathers got killed by something while he was doing his job watching over his flock on August 25,2011   RIP my sweet boy.
Dust bathing

I still miss my boy Feathers so much he was a very sweet rooster and a good father to all his chicks always watching over his whole flock. I was so glad to have a son from him this year who his slowly growing into a sweet rooster who we named after his father, we are calling him 2Feathers. I hope in time he will turn out like his dad.


  1. Awwwww. What a sweet post, Charlotte. It makes me so sad that Feathers is gone, but I'm so happy you've got his son. (((hugs)))

  2. Penny, I am glad you gave him to me and he lives on in his son, He will always hold a special place in my heart. XXXOOO

  3. Very sweet post. Looks like a handsome guy! What nice memories you have. :)

  4. Staci thank you I do have some very sweet memories of him and his son, who is now starting to become a good flock boss so he thinks, the girls have him fooled for now. :-)

  5. Charlotte, I am so sorry about Feathers. He was one handsome boy! How wonderful that he gifted you with a son to carry on his legacy!

  6. Awww, Charlotte, I'm sorry about Feathers. I didn't know you lost him. His son will follow in his dad's steps I'm sure. You are such a sweet chicky Mama! ;) xxxooo

  7. Julie, I still miss him and guess I always will. His son is starting to be the boy his dad was with the girls. He still has some growing to do but I think he will be a sweet boy too. XXXOOO


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